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Wente Scout Reservation

Rainbow arching over Wente Scout Reservation looking towards Waterfront from Staff Camp.

Camp Rangers

Since 1966 there have been eight full-time rangers that have lived on the reservation year round. These rangers have the herculean task to taking care of the camp property (all 2200 acres) and ensuring the infrastructure is working, that all the animals are fed (even in the dead of winter) as well as making sure all scouts have a safe and fun experience. Since 1966 the following have served as our Rangers.

1966 – 1968. Julian House

1968 – 1970. Jerry McDonald

1970 – 1978.  Jasper Steele

1978 – 2000.  Al Robinson

2000 – 2002.  Bill Heinze

2002 – 2006.  Ken Pedersen

2006 – 2012. John Tolman

2012 – 2024. Mike Hannah

2023 – Present.  Dakota Shepherd




Original Rangers house 1966-2000.  The Lodge now occupies the same location

Rangers House 2000-2002.  Located across from the shower house in the Staff Village area

Rangers House 2002-2022.  Located on bluff above Parking Lot. Formerly the Corral location.


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Scouting for Food

Order of the Arrow

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