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Entrance to the Waterfront program area with canoe archway.


Mile Swim BSA:
The warm water of our 80-acre lake is good for swimming and boating. Your Scouts are guaranteed to have a good time! Refer to the current Leader’s Guides for times on all waterfront activities. Mile Swim BSA: Scouts need to be in good physical shape to complete the rigorous requirements of this activity. Before swimming the mile, all participants must attend four training sessions. Each swimmer must bring a rower and spotter to accompany him. Visit the waterfront Staff Monday morning for more information on the early morning mile swim.

Snorkeling BSA:
This patch is a chance to experience the lake in a whole new way. By exploring under its surface, you may happen upon the Narwhal.

BSA Stand Up Paddle-boarding:
Due to limited equipment, class size is 5 Youth only. The BSA Stand Up Paddle-boarding award introduces Scouts to the basics of stand up paddle-boarding (SUP) on the lake including skills, equipment, slf rescue, and safety precautions. This patch also encourages Scouts to develop paddling skills that promote fitness and safe aquatics recreation.

Swim Instructions:
Scouts needing extra help with swimming skills can get it from the Trained Waterfront Staff. Just talk to the Director to find a time that works!

The Wente Wooly Wash:

Early in the morning as the tulle fog rises off the lake, the Wooly will, at times, comes down for a dip. Come down for a morning swim and you may even see this elusive beast! Attend any three mornings and become a member of the Wente Wooly Club. Wente Wooly Wash patches are available for purchase in the Trading Post.

Merit Badge Information:
Must pass BSA Swimmers test to participate in ALL waterfront Merit Badges

Campers paddling up to shore in a blue canoe at Waterfront.
Scouts on the outdock of Watefront with boaters in the background.
Sailing Merit Badge scouts out on the Lake.


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