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Mountain bikers taking a rest on Meander Trail overlooking the lake.

Mountain Biking

Challenge yourself riding some of the best trails in Northern California. Mountain biking at Wente Scout Reservation is a unique and safe program for people to explore, push their limits and have fun! Wente Scout Reservation offers an inspiring trail system with over 13 miles of purpose-built single-track trails and high quality mountain bikes for people to use. The Mountain Biking program is open to all skill levels and encourages both Scouts and Adult leaders to participate.

Refer to the current Leader’s Guide for times on all mountain bike activities.

How can I participate?
Simply show up to the Mountain Biking program area, check in where you skill will be assessed, equipment will be checked out and you will sent on a trail ride. The Mountain Biking program is a drop-in activity where anyone can participate during the open hours.

What do I need to bring?

  • Buddy to go on a ride with,  
  • Water container such as a water bottle or camel back,
  • Close toed shoes worn on your feet.

Only after you have all three (3) things will you be able to participate.

Do I need to bring my own bike?
You do not have to bring your own bike to go on a trail ride. Wente has a fleet of high quality mountain bikes of all sizes which are checked out to individuals for trail rides. Helmets are also provided. See the Mountain Biking Staff for more details.

May I bring my own bike?
Yes, you may bring your own bike. We encourage that you ride the bike you feel most comfortable. However, you are required to check your personal bike into the secure Mountain Biking program building so it is locked up until you begin your trail ride. All bikes may only be used for recreational riding of designated trails, not for around camp transportation.

Pump Tracks
Wente offers two Pump Tracks for a fun bike course with rollers and berms designed to teach individuals bike-handling skills. While challenging at first, the Pump Tracks are quickly mastered

Mountain biker riding the skills test track.
Mountain Bikers circled up for some last minute advice before hitting the trail.
Looking down the line of sweet rides at Mountain Biking.


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