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Camp Sites

There are 14 permanent campsites located at Wente Scout Reservation.  Each site has its own unique character and attribute.  Your campsite will be your home for the week at Wente Scout Reservation. Each campsite has a multiple tent platforms with two-man canvas tents as well as areas to pitch tents.  The campsite number corresponds to the original site designations.  Sites 1-7 are the original campsites from 1964, sites 8-12 were opened in the late 1960’s and sites 13 and 14 are the newest sites.  The sites are located within one of four subcamp camping areas (see Camp Map):

Loomer Subcamp Sites (west end of camp by Gilwell field):

Oak Flats (site #11) – sleeps up to 50 campers

12 O’clock High (site #12) – sleeps up to 74 campers

Turkey’s Roost (site #13) – sleeps up to 50 campers

Dimond-W (site #14) – sleeps up to 12 campers

The Ridge Subcamp Sites (centrally located along the ridge):

Sleepy Hollow (site #10) – sleeps up to 20 campers

Big Dipper (site #1) – sleeps up to 44 campers

Little Dipper (site #8) – sleeps up to 62 campers

Trail’s End (site #9) – sleeps up to 10 campers

Wagner Subcamp Sites (centrally located to the waterfront):

Wishbone (site #2) – sleeps up to 52 campers

Sailor’s Rest (site #3) – sleeps up to 68 campers

Fire Trail Subcamp Sites (east end of camp near Handicraft):

Sky High (site #4) – sleeps up to 26 campers

Madrone (site #5) – sleeps up to 30 campers

Moss Shadows (site #6) – sleeps up to 22 campers

Sunrise Ridge (site #7) – sleeps up to 28 campers

Your campsite will also have the following:

•A central fire ring and fire tools

•A bulletin board

•A flag pole (you should bring your own US Flag to fly during your stay at camp)

•A nearby washstand and kybo.

Remember a Scout is clean and your campsite should be a reflection of that. The site should be kept free from litter and your kybo should be cleaned on a daily basis.

Campsite Garbage:

All campsite garbage should be emptied nightly as to not attract wildlife. The garbage dumpster is located west of the Dining Hall. You can pick up some garbage bags in the Dining Hall. There are no garbage cans in the campsites because they cause a false sense of security from the wild critters.

Campsite Maps:

Some units find it helpful to have their tenting arrangements worked out before arriving at camp. It makes for more time on arrival day for other issues that may arise. If you are one of those units, here are the maps of the camp sites and their suggested maximum occupancy for the number of tents that are there.



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