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Tiger Cub Safari is a 24-hour, overnight camping experience for Tigers and an adult partner. We discourage making it a family event with both parents and do not allow siblings, unless they are also Tigers.


The bonding value and the growth of trust and appreciation that the weekend can generate can be spoiled by making it just another family outing. It also detracts from its uniqueness in the Tiger’s life.


It is the only opportunity that Tigers or Cub Scouts can camp at a Boy Scout camp until they cross over. We feature six stations at which the Tigers and adults are given some short instruction and the opportunity to try their hand at the activity.




Show the future leaders how to build dens and packs, plus teach such basics as the proper “Sign”, “Salute” and “Handshake.”



Leading by example; inspirational ceremonies; importance of trained leaders.



Show the youth what they can look forward to in Scouting; what Scouting can do for families; and show the opportunities available to them. All of this while giving the tigers a fun and safe experience.

Tiger Cub Safari History

Founded in 1984, Tiger Cub Safari has done as many as three weekends each year. Despite the fact Wente Scout Reservation in Northern California is more than a three-hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, hundreds of Tigers and their adult partners continue to come each year because of the word-of-mouth experience of past attendees. Many of them continue to come back with their other children once they reach the rank of Tiger. Since this camp has been around since 1984, we are even seeing our Tigers come back with Tigers of their own.

Year after year, this camp continues to be the highlight of the year for Tigers cubs across San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We have hosted attendees from 11 different councils, including as far away as Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas. The spring issue of Scouting magazine has generated inquiries from over 30 councils.

We hope you find your experience with Tiger Cub Safari to be as valuable to your council’s Scouting program as we have found.


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