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Rainbow arching over Wente Scout Reservation looking towards Waterfront from Staff Camp.

Pear Orchard Spring (AKA – Haunted Spring):

The Pear Orchard Spring is located on the south-east side of Eagle Summit in Pear Orchard Meadow.  This spring was the original water source for Wente Scout Reservation from 1959 until 1965 prior to the water being pulled from the Lake (from 1965 until 1999).   


A small cabin once stood on a knoll that overlooks the meadow.  The cabin has since fallen down but the meadow still contains eight mature pear trees that still produce fruit.  These Pear trees are how the spring was ultimately named.  In 1999 the camp water source was changed from the Lake to a well that was drilled near the top of Eagle Summit, 500 feet down into the water table.  The well produces approximately 45 gallons per minute of clean water for the camp.  This is the same water table that supplies Pear Orchard Spring with its cold refreshing water.



Plan a morning or afternoon hike to go visit the original source of water for Wente Scout Reservation.

Quarry Spring:


The Quarry spring is located on the hillside next to the junction of the camp road, and the road up to the camp quarry across from the shotgun range. 


Hill seepage keeps this spring wet and full of ferns all year long .

Blackberry Spring:


The Blackberry spring is located on the north-west side of Eagle Summit at the beginning of Blackberry meadows. Along with Pear Orchard spring, this provided the original source of drinking water for the camp. 


The spring produced vast amounts of water until a logging project in 1989 disrupted the flow and slowed the spring to a trickle. 

Hidden Spring:


The Hidden Spring is located near the entrance to camp between two trees alongside the road about 500 feet after the camp entrance   A wet spot in the middle of the road marks the location of the spring.  It’s a small spring but it is constantly producing. 

Ranger Spring:


The Ranger spring is located in cement cauldron on the west end of the Lodge.  This spring was the source of drinking water for the original land owners and camp rangers house.   Now days animals are attracted to the water that seeps from the box into the hillside below the spring.


A large cement cistern is located underground on the hillside above the spring box that at one time served as the water tank for the rangers house.

Meander Spring:


The Meander spring is located in the middle of the Meander Mountain Bike trail high up on the hill above the lake.  If this spring was built out to properly capture water, it would rival any of the other large producing springs on the property.

Medicinal Spring:


The Medicinal spring is located adjacent to the Meander Bike Trail on the first level spot after entering the camp. Originally this flat location was to be the main entrance to camp where a large entry sign similar to Camp Royaneh was to be located. 


This spring is on the hillside and full of tules/cattails and got its name back in 1980 from medicinal plants of various sizes that were growing around the spring at the time. 

Amigos Spring:


The Amigo spring is located on the hill in the back area from the camp warehouse. Prior to the warehouse this area at one time was the horse pasture and the horses could get a sip of water from the slow moving spring. 


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