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The Rifle Range firing line from the far side of the range.

Shooting Sports

All of our shooting sports ranges emphasize safety and fun. The rules may seem strict, but they are designed to ensure a safe place for Scouts to hone their shooting skills. Please do not bring personal firearms, bows, or ammunition Boy Scout Camp, there will not be any opportunities for personal equipment to be used on Camp property.

The entrance to the Archery Range is located near the top of the hill on the road that leads to the corral. Look for the flagpole with the red flag at the top.

Follow the road past Scoutcraft, then look to the left for the sign and red flag which marks the trail leading down to the Rifle range.

The Shotgun range is located across the other side of the lake from the Admin Building at the Southeast corner. Just listen for the bang.

O’Riley’s Outpost – Black Powder Troop/Patrol Shoots
Scouts shooting black-powder rifles, throwing tomahawks and enjoying a meal by the fire like the mountain men of old. O’Riley’s is on the far side of the lake near shotgun. O’Riley’s Outpost slots are in high demand, so Troops should pay at the Trading Post as early as possible. Limit 30 people for Lunch and 40 people for Dinner.

Troop Shoot
All of our ranges are available for Troop Shoots during open shoot times. Initial sign ups happen at the Sunday night Leader’s meeting. To check for open slots later in the week, see the Range Master. Limit 24 for Archery and 32 for Rifle.

Open Shoot Fees – Check the Current Leader’s Guide for Fees

Refer to the current Leader’s Guide for times on all field sports activities.

Blast to the Past
Rifle Range – Prior to the new 16 position state of the art rifle range that was constructed in 2015, Wente had an 8 position above ground wooden rifle range from 1964 until 2015. Originally scouts would lay prone on a mattress to shoot. This was upgraded in the 1980’s to include the wooden benches that were used for 20 years or so. Both Rifle and shotgun merit badges were taught at the old rifle range.

Archery Range – When camp first opened in 1964, the archery range was located in the field next to the camp fire area. Once the Mace property was purchased in 1971 the range was moved to its current location. In the late 1980’s the hill was cut to provide the level shooting area and in 1993 the Archery Range complex was built.

Scout shooting an arrow at the Dunnigan Archery Range.
Scout firing black powder at O'Riley's Outpost.
Family Camp clay pigeon shooting
Adult and youth on the Rifle Range.


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