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Left side of the pioneering gateway to Scoutcraft.


Scoutcraft has been called the heart and soul of Scouting over the years by many. Join our Scoutcraft staff and keep this tradition alive as you sharpen your Scout Skills while learning safety with tools & fire while earning Merit Badges, Totin’ Chip & Firem’n Chit, then pass on the skills while earning the Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award.
Refer to the current Leader’s Guides for times on all Scoutcraft activities.
Eagle Trail
Scoutcraft is also the home to Eagle Trail, our Scout-to-First Class rank advancement program. Sessions run starting on the hour. We do not sign off any requirements in Eagle Trail; our program is designed for the Scouts to learn the skills, and then return to the Troop to be tested by your leadership. Remember to bring your Scout Handbooks. Eagle Trail sessions have a 20 Scout limit.
Wilderness Survival
Do you want to learn how to survive a night with just the clothes on your back? If so, this outpost is for you. The Wilderness Survival Outpost is primarily for those taking Wilderness Survival Merit Badge but anybody desiring to participate may do so. Participants will have the chance to spend the night in a shelter they have built themselves.

Firem’n Chit—Fire is an amazing tool for cooking and also provides light and warmth.  Learn how to safely make, tend and extinguish campfires.  Earning the Firem’n Chit allows a Scout to carry fire-lighting devices.  Offered M or T or Th during evening program.


Totin’ Chip—Earn the right to carry or “tote” your own pocketknife and other wood tools.  Learn about its use, care, and proper storage.  Offered M or T or Th during evening program.

Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award—Paul Bunyan, much like our own Finbar O’Riley, was a woodsman skilled in the use of a variety of wood working tools.  An advanced axemanship course that requires extended time to complete. For older Scouts (14+) who want to learn more advanced woodsman skills. Long pants, boots, and Totin’ Chip are required. It starts Monday and continues all week.


Fire Safety Field Trip—Drivers needed!  This Merit Badge session takes a field trip to Willits’ own Little Lake Fire Department during session and through lunch, typically on Wednesday.

Scoutcraft staff preparing logs and kindling.
Cooking Merit Badge session active in Scoutcraft.
Scouts during Merit Badge sessions at Scoutcraft.


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