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Rainbow arching over Wente Scout Reservation looking towards Waterfront from Staff Camp.

The Legend of a Stick on a String

Before the homesteaders, hunters and loggers, bison, grizzly bear and turnips were plentiful in Finney Valley. However, wave upon wave of demented avengers marched cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream of what was Finney Valley. 


Finney Valley homesteader Finbar O’Riley once said, In the distance, a ribbon of black stretched to the point of no turning back. A flight of fancy on a windswept field, standing alone our senses reeled. The fatal attraction is holding us fast; how can we escape this irresistible grasp.

1990’s.  Original Stick on String.  Located along the road beyond Mountain Biking program area on the way to corral.

1964.  Stick on String sighting within the Waterfront boating area

Stick on String Sightings

If you’ve had a “Stick on a String” sighting (similar to a UFO or out-of-body-experience) outside of Wente, send us your name, photo and date of the sighting to include here.   Remember, this has to be a real sighting, not something you staged.

Sibley Volcanic Reserve, Oakland, Jan 2019

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