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Water lapping on the shore of the lake.


  • With over 2200 acres of mixed conifer forests, meadows, natural springs, and hundreds of different plants and animals, Wente is the ideal place to learn to be a good steward of nature. The Nature program offers many opportunities to get out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.
Refer to the current Leader’s Guide for times on all nature activities.

Kali-Ama—Enjoy the beauty of Nature while honing your orienteering and map reading skills on this self-guided challenging adventure in Nature. (hint: Sign-up for Lunch Around the Lake & the Dining Hall will pack you a sack lunch for your journey!)

  • Speed Kali-Ama available strictly as part of Camp-wide Games on Friday
  • Kali-Ama: the “basic” course achievable by most & only available during Summer Camp!
  • King Kali-Ama: on a 5-yr rotation these offer a challenge not all are up to. Earn your map by completing the Kali-Ama early in the week.  If you don’t finish while at Summer Camp don’t fret…you can finish those last points while weekend camping with your troop (or at Family Camp) in the off-season.
  • Dali-Ama: still feeling the need to conquer even more the great outdoors? Earn your map by completing the King Kali-Ama. This course is not for the faint of heart! 


Forestry Field Trip—Drivers needed!  This merit badge session heads into Willits to tour the local working Lumber Mill during session and through lunch, typically on Thursday.

Fishing the Lake—There’s nothing like spending a day on the shore of a lake fishin’ for that big ol’ Largemouth Bass.  Wente’s 80-acre lake offers great fishing of both Bluegill and Largemouth Bass.  We recommend bringing your own fishing gear; though, the Trading Post does stock a limited supply of bait, lures, and rods. 


BSA Complete Angler Award—Do you love all types of fishin’ no matter what time of day it is?  By earning all 3 Fish related Merit Badges and teaching a fishing skill to your troop you can earn the BSA Complete Angler Award while at camp!

Lizard basking in the sun on a rock.
Rabbit hopping down the bunny trail.
Young female deer.


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